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Sector – A, Shastri Nagar, Jodhpur – 342 003 (Raj.)
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Introductory note by Prof. Dr. B.P Nagori, Organizing Secretary, Carbo XXIV

I on behalf of myself, stall, students and management of Lachoo Memorial College of Science and Technology, Jodhpur and as Organization Secretary of CARBO XXIV: 24th Annual National Conference of Association of Carbohydrate Chemists & Technologists (India) take this opportunity to extend an open hearted welcome to academicians, scientists, technologists and industrialists at Lachoo Memorial College of Science and Technology at the “Sun city of India, Jodhpur”.

The historic era of Jodhpur began when Rao Jodha, the descendant of Lord Rama and The Chief of Rathore Clan of Jodhpur laid its foundation in 1459 A.D and it became the capital of Marwar State. As per the epic Ramayana, Mandodri, the wife of Rawana belonged to Mandore, the ancient city of Marwar. Jodhpur, the land of Maharajas is a Kateidoscope of singular beauty Moreover the history, combining unity in religious diversity, music and dance, festivity, art and craft make the city vibrant round the year.

The Theme of CARBO XXIV is “Industrial Polysaccharides & Biological Significance of Carbohydrates”. The conference will provide a common platform for persons from carbohydrate related industry on one hand and scientists and technologists working in the field of carbohydrate chemistry in academic and research institute on the other hand, to exchange ideas, developments and industrial requirements related to carbohydrates. Such interaction in the form of deliberations, presentations and invited lectures would provide and help development of fundamental aspects, technological breakthrough and technologies/ processes related to structure and synthesis, biochemistry & biotechnology and industrial applications of carbohydrates.

The organizing committee of CARBO XXIV is striving hard to make the conference informative, educative, scientific and more relevant to industrial aspects. It shall be an extremely fresh, exhilarating, exuberant and exciting venture for all scientists and technologists from academic fields as well as industries and research laboratories. The conference will remain etched perennially in their minds as an extra ordinary and astounding conference. The atmosphere of Jodhpur will give you a peaceful and sere feast with calmness required to rejuvenate and energize your spirit and concentrate on research as well.

December being the tourist season, there would be an atmosphere of festivity during your visit to this imperial city of Rajasthan. The weather during December is very pleasant.

Our aim is to make you satisfied, enlighten and happy, taking back home the sweetest of extraordinary memories which you cherish forever.

We are eagerly waiting for your registration and participation at CARBO XXIV.

We welcome all the delegates an dignitaries to this tourist city – Jodhpur and wish them a nice and memorable stay here during this conference.

With profound regards,

Prof. Dr. B.P Nagori, Organizing Secretary, Carbo XXIV

Local Organizing Committee

Chief Patron Prof. Dr. N.K. Mathur, Ex Head, Deptt. Of Chemistry
J.N.V. University, Jodhpur & Ex. President, ACCT (1)
Patrons Sh. B.L. Som, Shre Ram Gums Chemicals Ltd., Jodhpur
Sh. P.K. Hissaria, President, IGGMA, Jodhpur.
Sh. A.P. Daddu, Hindustan Gums & Chemicals Ltd., Bhiwani
Sh. Uday C. Merchant, Lucid Colloids Ltd., Mumbai
Sh. N.K. Mathur, President
Sh. Praveen Mathur, Vice – President
Sh. R.C Mathur, Secretary
Prof. R.L. Mathur, Principal (Science Wing)
Lachoo Memorial College of science & Technology, Jodhpur
Organizing Secretary Prof. Dr. B.P. Nagori, Director (Pharmacy Wing)
Lachoo Memorial College of Science & Technology, Jodhpur
Jt. Organizing Secretary Dr. B.R. Sharma, Senior Manager, R&D
Sunita Hydrocollids Pvt. Ltd., Jodhpur

No Name of Committee Chairperson
1 Reception, Transport, Accommodation, Sight Seeing and Reservation
Mr. Noel Rahul Shaw
Mr. Nikhil Batra
2 Registration, Volunteers, and Feed back
M. Gajendra Gupta
3 Welcome, Decoration, Inaugural, Cultural and Valedictory
Ms. Kumkum Mathur
Mr. Sandeep Yadav
4 Scientific Events
Dr. Roshan Issarani
Dr.Sanjay Mathur
Mr. Renu Solanki
5 Printing, Interviews, Photography and Press & Publicity
Mr. Vipin Mathur
Mr. Akash Midha
Mrs. Rashmi Bohra
6 Catering and Venue Arrangements
Mr. Manoj Goyal
Mr. Prem K. Choudhary
Dr. Rajendra Mathur
7 Planning @ Co-ordination, Funds Raising & Accounts Keeping and Purchases
Dr. Navneet Aggarwal
Mr. Anil Pareek


  • Dr. P.L. Soni, Advisor, ACCT (1), Dehra Dun.
  • Prof. H.C. Trivedi, President, ACCT (I), Vallabh vidhyanagar.
  • Dr. Asish Kumar sen, Vice President ACCT (I), Kolkata
  • Mr. N.C. Dhuldhoya, Vice President (Industry), ACCT (I), Mumbai.
  • Prof. Naveen Khare, Hony, Secretary, ACCT (I), Lucknow.
  • Dr. R.P. Tripathi, Jt. Secretary, ACCT (I), Lucknow.
  • Dr. P.K. Gupta, Treasurer, ACCT (I),, Dehra Dun.
  • Dr. D.K. Singh, E.C, Member, ACCT (I), Mysore
  • Dr. B. Ray, E.C. Member, ACCT (I), Burdwan.
  • Dr. Vinod Tewari, E.C, Member, ACCT (I), Varanasi.
  • Dr. T. Emilia Abraham. E.C. Member ACCT (I), Thiruvananthapuram.
  • Dr. J.M. Trivedi, E.C., Member, ACCT (I), Vallabh Vidyanagar.
  • Dr. K.P.R. Kartha, E.C. Member, ACCT (I),, Mohali.
  • Dr. Mrs. Hasi Das, IGIB, Delhi.
  • Prof. Ghanshyam Chauhand, H.P. Uni, Shimla
  • Dr. Vasudeva Singh, CFTRI, Mysore.
  • Dr. S.N. Moorthy, CTCRI, Trivandrum
  • Dr. V.P. Kapoor, NBRL, Lucknow.
  • Dr. P.K. Ghosh, CSMCRI, Bhavnagar.
  • Dr. Ashok Prasad, University of Delhi, Delhi
  • Prof. C.P. Rao, IIT, Mumbai.
  • Prof. Harish Padh, Shri. B.V. Patel PERD Centre, Ahmedabad.
  • Dr. N. Kumar, Director, Defence Lab, Jodhpur.
  • Dr. T.S Rathore, Director, AFRI, Jodhpur.
  • Dr. N.V. Patil, Director, CAZRI, Jodhpur.
  • Dr. Ranjana arya, AFRI, Jodhpur.
  • Dr. D.S. Mittal,Ex HOD, Chemistry Department, Lachoo College, Jodhpur
  • Dr. P.K. Sharma, HOD, Chemistry Department, JNV University, Jodhpur
  • Dr. Manjula Saxena, HOD, Chemistry Department, Lachoo College, Jodhpur
  • Mr.Sudhir Merchant, Encore Natural Polymers Ltd, Ahmedabad
  • Mr. G.L Sarda, Sarda Gum & Chemicals, Jodhpur
  • Mr. Sohan Jain, Hony, Secretary, IGGMA, Jodhpur
  • Mr. Ramesh Singhal, Satyam Enterprises, Jodhpur
  • Mr. O.P. Soni, Shri Ram Industries, Jodhpur
  • Mr. S.N. Dhoot, Dinesh Enterprises, Jodhpur
  • Mr. S. K. Sharma, Lotus Gum & Chemicals, Jodhpur
  • Mr. Rajesh Kedia, Jaibharat Gum & Chemicals Ltd., Bhiwani

About City

Located on the foothill of a sandstone hillock, the city of Jodhpur seems like an oasis in the vast desert. Jodhpur is one of the favorite tourist destinations in Rajasthan. Jodhpur tourist spots stand as a living proof of the splendor, traditions and culture of the Jodhpur. The glorious past of Jodhpur is personified through the various forts, palaces and other monuments of Jodhpur

Places of tourist interest in Jodhpur

The Majestic Fort is one of the largest forts in India. It was Started by Rao Jodha in 1459. There are a number of attractions with in the fort like several palaces, apartments, galleries, a museum, temples and so on. We get an excellent view of the city from the ramparts of the Fort.

Built by Maharaja Umaid Sing in 1929 and completed in 1943, this exquisite palace also known as Chhittar Palace. The building was constructed without using cement. It is made of interlocking blocks of sandstone. It has its own theatre, eight dining rooms, banquet hall, Ball room and a museum.

A collection of royal crematorium including that of Maharaja Jaswant Singh II, in White marble, is situated near to Mehrangarth Fort. Built in 1899, the cenotaph also houses the portraits of the rulers of Jodhpur. There is some beautiful marble lattice work.
Mandore, ancient capital of Marwar lies 8 Km .in the North of Jodhpur. The extensive gardens beautifully laid on high tock terraces, number of ancient Devals and Hindu temples make Mandore garden different from other gardens.

These colorful markets with tiny shops dotting the narrow lanes are situated in the heart of the city and are popular for a wide range of handicrafts, making them the favorite haunt of shoppers.

Situated on Jaisaimer road , this small artificial lake is ideal picnic spot. It is like a canvas with a splash of romantic colours. Boating facilities are available.

How to reach Jodhpur: Jodhpur is well connected by National Higways & Railway lines. Private Luzury Coaches & Train to Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Ahmedbad, Luchnow, Kanpur, Agra, Pune and Kollkata are easily available. Regular flight services also connect the city with other major cities in and around Rajasthan.

About the Institute

Lachoo Memorial College of Science and Technology, jodhpur is a premier institution of Rajasthan established in 1965 by late Sh. Mathuradasji Mathur, a freedom fighter and the architect of modern RajasthaN, IN THE FOND MEMORY OF HIS YOUNGER BROTHER, LATE Sh. Lachooji (Man Mohan Mathur). The Pharmacy Wing of the college was started in 1983 with D.Pharm course and is marching ahead into its Silver Jubilee year. The Science Wing of the College offers undergraduate and post graduate courses in Science & Computer Application. The Pharmacy Wing of the College Offers D.Pharm, B. Pharam; M.Pharm, in quality Assurance, Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Pharmaceutical Management & Regulatory Affairs and Ph. D Courses. The M,Pharm Course in Pharmaceutical Management & Regulatory Affairs is first of its kind in the country and this course is receiving an overwhelming response from the industry. The College is accredited as ‘A’ grade College by NAAC-UGC and is declared as Model College & Knowledge Centre by the Sate Government. Its Diploma in Pharmacy is accredited by NBA – AICTE.


The philosophy of the college is to provide the society with scientists, technocrats and professionals who would contribute creatively to national development and would serve the nation and common man, particularly the downtrodden. Initially we focused on undergraduate courses, now we have started P.G courses and putting more emphasis on research.


To provide value based education and mould the character of the younger generation through the synthesis of science and technology so that their earnest endeavor to achieve progress and prosperity in life is matched by the ardent desire to extend selfless service to the society, one complementing the other.


  • To establish the institute as a center of excellence for providing pharmacy education
  • To play a lead role in upliftment of the status of pharmacy practice in Rajasthan to the world level, facilitating the much needed pharmaceutical services to the community
  • To cater the R & D needs of pharmaceutical industry and community healthcare system
  • To establish Carbohydrate research Centre
  • To set up Drug information Centre


The distance of the College campus form Railway Station is about 4Km. from ST Bus Stand is about 6Km and from Airport is about 7 Km.

About the Conference

The conference will focus on occurrence, properties, structure, biological activities of carbohydrates and their derivatives along with their production and industrial uses. The conference will serve as a unique and important platform for bringing together scientists and technologists from academic field as well as industries to share their research results and exchange ideas & view with students and fellow researchers of the field. The conference will also serve as a means of demonstrating the significance of carbohydrates research in health, nutrition and others.

Key topics to be discussed

  • Guar gum, tamarind gum, starch, cellulose and other industrial polysaccharides
  • New developments in industrial polysaccharides including their value addition and derivatization
  • Carbohydrate: structural diversity and functional versatility
  • Industrial, biomedical and biotechnological applications of carbohydrates


The official language of the conference will be English.


All sessions will be held at Hotel Shree Ram International, Residency Road, Jodhpur. The venue is centrally located about 4 Km from Lachoo College. The distance of the venue from Railway Station is about 2 Km, from ST Bus Stand is about 5 Km and from Airport is about 1 Km.


To register in XXIV Carbo Conference, please fill and post/courier the inserted REGISTRATION FORM along with the registration fees in the form of DD drawn in favour of “XXIV Carbo Conference, Jodhpur” to Prof. Dr. B.P. Nagori, organizing Secretary, CARBO XXIV. Also, download REGISTRAITON FORM from our website: and e-mail completely filled form to

Time Lines Registration Fee per Delegate (Rs.)
  ACCT(I) Member Non ACCT(I) Member PG & Research Scholars Industry Accompanying Spouse / Child (above 10 years)
Before 20th November, 2009 (Routine) 1,200 1,500 1,000 2,500 600
After 20th November, 2009 (Spot) 1,700 2,000 1,200 3,000 800

Accommodation and hospitality charge for participation from onverseas : US $1200


  1. Registration is mandatory for all delegates
  2. The Registration Fee includes delegate kit bag & conference material, memento for accompanying person, breakfast, lunch, dinner, tea and admission to inaugural, scientific sessions & cultural programme during the 3 days conference
  3. Acknowledgement of registration will be sent by e-mail. Please carry the print out of this acknowledgement with you for quick and convenient completion of registration formalities at the registration counters at the venues of the conference
  4. Students are required to get their REGISTRAITON FORM duly endorsed by the head of the Institution
  5. The conference badge available in delegate kit bag is to be worn at all times to access different areas of the conference
  6. Cancellation and refunds will not be entertained
  7. All rights of registration are reserved with the Registration Committee


For booking accommodation, please fill and post/courier the REGISTRAITON FORM along with the accommodation charge sin the form of DD drawn in favour of “XXIV Carbo Confernece, Jodhpur” (single draft with registration fee) to Prof. Dr. B.P. Nagori Organizing Secretary, CARBI XXIV. Also, download REGISTRATION FORM from our website: and e-mail completely filled form to

Category Rates per Day per person (Rs.)
  Single Occupancy Double Occupancy
Shree Ram International Star Hotel (AC) 3000 1600
Star hotel (AC) 2000 1200
Budget hotel (AC) 1100 700
Budget hotel (Non-AC) 700 400
  • Total amount for the days of stay must be sent with the registration fees for hotel booking
  • Calculate the number of days considering the check out time to be 12.00 noon. However, check out time may vary from Hotel to Hotel. The Dues/ Refunds shall settled at the registration counter at the time of registration
  • Organizers will not book any kind of accommodation after 20th November, 2009
  • Acknowledgment of accommodation details will be sent by e-mail
  • If accommodation in the hotels specified by the delegate is not possible, then the Accommodation Committee reserves the right to provide alternate accommodation
  • Accommodation on request may be booked in Place Hotels (Rs. 16000/- onward). Heritage hotels (Rs.5000-12000/-), Luxury Hotels (Rs. 5000-17000/-) or Deluxe hotels (Rs. 3000 – Rs. 6000)
  • The hotel charges are inclusive of all taxes
  • The hotel charges are exclusive of any eatables

Post Conference Tours

Exciting post conference local seeing, one day tours around Jodhpur and tour to Jaisalmer, Udaipur and mount Abu etc. can be organized on request.

For details, please contact the Sight Seeking Committee before 20th November 2009 at

All the correspondence regarding the conference should be addressed to:

Prof. Dr. B.P Nagori
Organizing Secretary, CARBO XXIV
Lachoo Memorial Colelge

Lachoo Memorial College of Science & Technology Pharmacy Wing
Sector – A, Shastri Nagar, Jodhpur – 342 003 (Raj.)
Mobile: 098290-98077

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