Cassava Fermentation and Associated Changes in Physicochemical and Functional Properties

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E. Vitamins

Because fermented products are consumed in large quantities in Africa and South America, the effect of fermentation on the vitamin content assumes importance.

A large reduction in asorbic acid from 78.8 to 7.4 mg/kg fresh weight during gari fermentation, aloss of approximately 90% has been attributed to leaching out of the ascorbic acid into the steep water.51 The loss in ascorbic and dehydroascorbic acids during gari fermentation are given in (Table 15)24. The results show that both ascorbic acid and dehydroascorbic acids are lost during fermentation, but the retention of dehydroascorbic acis is much more ( up to 70%). Total loss of ascorbic acid during gari production has been reported by Favier et al.80 Whereas the riboflavin content reportedly remained unchanged during gari fermentation,81 an increase was reported during ‘uji’ preparation.82

Table 15 : Retention of Ascorbic Acid in Gari

Cassava Variety AAa DAAb pH AA DAA
60444 165 96 4.0 5.1 24
53101 122 67 4.3 3.8 54
Red 156 67 4.1 6.0 70
White 150 68 4.2 5.5 57

a Ascorbic acid.
b Dehydroascorbic acid.

Source: Steinkraus.47

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